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Welcome to Sew Many Plans! We are Live!

Welcome to Sew Many Plans! We are Live!

Sew Many Plans is a blog for all us sewist wannabe’s/procrastinators!

I want to help all of us kick our behinds into gear and live our best sewing filled lives!

(side note: I know I use a lot of exclamation points, but I am seriously excited right about starting this blog, so there will be a fair few more).

It is my honest belief that anyone can learn to sew, and everyone should learn how to sew

Being able to sew is an empowering skill. You’ll be able to stop consuming fast fashion, engage your creativity and show the world what you can make, as well as what you are made of.

Having said that, if you want to sew well, it takes a lot of practice. 

Well, that is what I am finding.

My Experience

Full disclosure, I consider myself a beginner sewist. 

I can just about sew a straight line, and I still have to stop in the middle of the project to look up a YouTube tutorial. I am by no means an expert.

But you know what? We all have to start somewhere. 

I appreciate and am inspired by the more experienced sewists putting their art and knowledge out into the world (especially those of you with YouTube channels!), but I also find it intimidating. 

I see what they are doing, then look at what I’ve got, and can easily get sucked into a world of comparison and negative thinking.

With this blog, I plan to change that.


I’m rather passionate about sewing. I also love supporting others in pursuing their goals, and have an easier time being positive about other people’s work than my own.

Which is why I have decided to share my sewing journey publicly. It is my hope that by sharing everything I sew, the good, bad and ugly, I encourage others to sew too.

I’m not looking to become a fashion designer, or a sewing powerhouse. I just want the following:

  • to be able to make clothes for myself and my family
  • make my home feel cozy with things I have made
  • to be able to sew gifts for friends
  • my clothes to have a positive story behind them
  • encourage and enable others to sew

And now that you know what my hopes for this blog are, I feel it would only be polite to formally introduce myself…

About Me

Hi! I’m Amrita.

Photo of Blog Creator and Sewist
Introductory photo
↑ That’s my face!

Hello! I’m Amrita! I’m a Homemaker and a Stay-at-Home-Mum to a gorgeous 3 year old.

I wish I could say that sewing has always been a passion of mine. It hasn’t. I grew up watching my Mum sew Punjabi suits for us and thought it looked nifty, but had no real desire to learn.

In 2015, I got married and moved from the UK to the USA. Due to my husband’s career, we moved around a lot. Money was pretty tight.

It was in the midst of watching our pennies I thought to myself ‘I wish I could sew my own clothes/make alterations to the clothes I do have’.

And… I did nothing about it. I kept talking about how I should learn how to sew, but that is as far as I went.

My Mother-in-Law kindly bought me a sewing machine in 2018. The first 6 months I had my sewing machine, it stayed in its original packaging. 

I was really intimidated by it. I wanted to learn how to sew so badly, but just ‘knew’ I would be terrible at it. 

And I was right. 

First Sewing Project

Picture of first sewing project
Terrible home sewn bag
Picture of my first full sewing project!

I sewed this around December 2018. I found for this bag free online (I’ll link it when I find the source again!), and used to stay up WAY past my bedtime to get it sewn. 

The whole project was supposed to take 15 minutes. It ended up taking a few days because I was so slow, and used the seam ripper A LOT. 

Despite the wonky sewing, terrible lining up of the seams, wrong colored thread, and every other mistake you can see, I’m proud of this. 

Because 1) I made a functional bag and 2) I got over my sewing machine fears.

My Sewing Machine

Now also feels like a good time to introduce my sewing machine!

Picture of Brother Sewing Machine
Introduction to Sewing Machine

I have a Brother CS5055PRW Project Runway machine. It’s the only machine I have ever had, so I have no idea how it compares to other machines.

I can confirm that it is a beginner friendly machine, and is serving me well as my sewing skills improve. I am extremely lucky that my mother-in-law bought it for me as a gift, but should you be interested in buying it, here is the amazon link.

Some of the features of my sewing machine:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy threading with automatic needle threader
  • LCD Display for stitch selector
  • 50 stitch options
  • Easy to load bobbin
  • Vertical Spool pin (apparently this helps with more consistent thread feeding)
  • Lit work area

The thinnest fabric I sewed on this machine was an extremely cheap cotton, and the thickest was duck canvas. After adjusting the tension on the machine and using the right needles, my machine was able to handle both very well. 

So…. what have I got planned?


Seriously, so many sewing plans. 

Home Decor and Organization

I plan on fixing up my home one sewing project at a time!

We currently live in a rented apartment. We knew this wasn’t going to be our forever home, so have been making purchases based on price and practicality.

This isn’t necessarily bad, but I would like to personalize things a little more around here. This past year has made me realize how important my physical environment is, and I would love to make things a little more cozy around here.


I’d eventually like to have a crack at making clothes. I have a tough time finding clothes that suit me, or frankly, that I like.

I have a love of vintage aesthetic, and now that I learned that there are a whole bunch vintage patterns on Etsy, I am very much looking forward to #makingmyownvintagewardrobe.

Sewing is also giving me the opportunity to explore my wonderful Punjabi heritage through fashion. I am very much looking forward to making Punjabi suits, lenghas, saris… though it may be a while before we see them here.

I’ve sewn exactly two items of clothing for myself, and both contain so many mistakes, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them in public. I’m okay sharing them on here though, because (I think) they photographed okay!

Sewing clothes is HARD.

Not impossible though. I know I’ll get it eventually.


While I am excited about taking an active, hands-on approach in updating my wardrobe and home, my favorite thing about sewing is sharing it with others.

I love a pretty outfit as much as the next gal, but nothing has brought me more satisfaction than when I have made something for someone else.

Whether it has been an outfit or a gift for my kiddo, or a masks and an ear saver for my husband when there was a mask shortage, knowing something that I have created has brought joy or ease to someone else is immensely rewarding.

So that is my goal for this blog. To share my passion of sewing with the world, in the hopes of inspiring you to sew! I hope the projects you find on here will not only be practical and pretty, but also boost your sewing confidence and enable you to personalize your world.

Do you sew? What projects would you recommend or like to see? Let me know below, contact me here, or join my Facebook page!

Happy Sewing!!



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