Six Ways to Get Your Sewjo Back

Six Ways to Get Your Sewjo Back

A women in a yellow dress wearing sunglasses, reading a map in a green field
Me*, looking for my lost sewjo (*not actually me, img src: RossHelen)

Have you ever experienced dips in your sewjo? 

Would you like to get that sewjo back? If so, keep reading!! 

Today, I will be sharing what I personally do when my sewjo goes ‘kaput’.

It’s no secret that I hit a sewing slump a few weeks ago.

Slowly but surely, it is something I am working my way out of.

I think my ‘burn-out’ was well needed. In my excitement to share this passion and create a beginner friendly sewing blog, my schedule was overfilled.

I needed a break. Continually pushing myself to get everything in my personal life and my sewing life done left me feeling exhausted.

No wonder I had no sewjo!

Thankfully, it isn’t something that is going to last forever. In my experience, it is something you can work on. 

If you are finding yourself uninspired or tired of sewing like I was, the below was what I did to reclaim my sewjo!

1. Take care of yourself!

meditating lady sat with hands together, eyes closed and crossed legged on floor
img src gregory_lee

Take time to take care of yourself!

I became so engrossed in sewing! I was skipping workouts and getting up early/going to bed late to squeeze in some more machine time. Yes, I was getting more sewing done, but my health suffered. 

When you are so tired that you are using the seam ripper more than the sewing machine, it is probably a good time to take a break!

While I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, please prioritize sleeping and some physical activity! It will improve multiple areas of your life, not just your sewjo!

2. Try a different activity

I needed a break from sewing, but I definitely am not the type of person who can take a break from all creative activity. While I absolutely love being a stay-at-home Mum, crafty creative activities is something I do for myself.

So, instead of sewing, I finished this cross-stitch project:

A completed cross stitch with a recyling theme
Pattern: Jeremiah Junction ‘Recycle’ (1992)

… and made a start on knitting some Christmas decorations while binge watching Midsomer Murder!

Knitted christmas stockings decorations
Pattern Source: Make Your Own Zone

It was nice to get the cross-stitch finished (I started it in January!), and these little stocking are so easy to make. 

They felt like easy wins, which after my not so great sewing experience recently, I needed. 

Doing something different also made me realize how much I missed sewing, and has actually inspired me to try and design some festive sewing projects (Watch this space)!

3. Reorganize your sewing space

I live in a small apartment, so I feel limited in what I can do.

 I was still able to move some furniture around and reorganize my fabric so my sewing area felt refreshed.

A small, cramped but organized home sewing storage area
My small, cramped and much loved sewing area

One day, I’ll have the sewing room of my dreams, but for now, this cozy corner will do.

4. Go to the library

I had no idea libraries had sewing books! Well, my library does! 

Stack of library books on sewing and fashion

This is the current selection I have out, and I get it, these books aren’t for everyone. Some of the styling books also have photos that are arguably dated, but the content is top notch. 

Quite honestly, I like the vintage/retro vibes these books have to offer.

Books are also great for when you want to cut down on your electronic device time. Seeing the instructions written out is also helping me be more methodical when planning my own designs too.

One more benefit, you can see if you like a certain book before buying it!

5. Sew with Friends

A group of friends working on a sewing project, dress form sewing machine
img src MachineHeadz

Pre-covid, my library also used to have a knitting circle. As things are opening up again, maybe crafty circles might be a thing again?

If you are lucky enough to have family and friends IRL that sew, maybe arrange a sewing meet up (taking all necessary precautions!)?

I’ve also joined a whole bunch of sewing groups on Facebook. 99% of the time, they are lovely, positive places to be. I’m pretty sure some even arrange online meetups.

Talking to someone who ‘gets it’ can be really helpful. Whether it is to be inspired, to get constructive criticism or just to make new friends with the same interests, social media groups (e.g. Facebook Groups, Reddit) is something worth considering.

6. Watch Other People Sew

People watching a video tutorial on knitting while knitting themselves
Img src: Jacob Lund

Have you ever wondered what other people are sewing (or like the picture above, what others are knitting)?

Just look on YouTube!

There are so many sewing videos and personalities out there. If you enjoy a particular type of sewing, I guarantee that there is someone who sews in that style who makes YouTube videos about it.

If not, consider starting your own YouTube channel (and remember to tell me about it, so I can watch)!

Some accounts I enjoy watching on YouTube are Blueprint DIY, Rachel Maksy, Micarah Tewers and Bernadette Banner.

*Bonus Tip* 7. Share your projects!

I was really down about the last few failures I have had with sewing, but decided to share them on my blog anyway.

 I realize it could totally be the case where people are just being kind, but the amount of supportive feedback was heartwarming and overwhelming. 

We really can be our own worst critics. Getting an objective opinion and/or support from others can be the push you need to keep going.

Well, there you have it! If you have ever lost your sewjo, I hope this list helps you find it again!

Think I missed something? Do you do something different to get your sewjo back? Have other YouTube recommendations?

Let me know below! You never know who you will be helping by sharing your wisdom!

Happy Sewing,


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